Weblogs: The Cyber Journey :

Call it reality TV for Internet readers. The folks who operate weblogs are basically offering a public service by scavenging the Internet for the most interesting websites and sharing them with the world. It's like virtual journalism, where the subject is cyberspace itself.
Web Blogs Defined, Explained and Understood :
You direct the content but let your readers guide you.
Blogs: The next frontier of biz communication :
More sophisticated blogs appear to be similar in style and content to rich Web sites (incorporating archives, "About Us" pages, "Contact Us" pages, photos, links to Web sites) When visitors read your business advice and learn more about your products and services, they become emotionally involved with your brand. Customers want to do business with the providers they know. Blogs offer the ability to facilitate a meaningful relationship and to encourage a dialogue with customers, an increased interaction that equates to stronger brand identification and loyalty.
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